Silk Screened Vinyl Decals

Silk Screened Vinyl Decals
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Silk screened vinyl decals are a more permanent, durable option if you're looking for  a "bumper sticker" type feel.  Ships FREE in 5 production days.

Please select your desired quantity from the dropdown menu.  If you'd like a higher quantity please contact for a price, we can print just about any amount you need.

If you are placing ONE order with ONE set of artwork, leave the number to the left of the Green Add To Cart button at "1."  If you are placing multiple orders of the same product, for instance, 500 business cards for 5 different people, then you would change that number to "5."  Any time any of the artwork or content changes, it's a new order. 

Standard colors available: Black, Dark Blue, Red, Yellow, Dark Green, Ivory, Golden Yellow, Orange, Medium Red, Ruby Red, Burgundy, Pink, Dark Violet, Gold, Brown, Teal, Light Green, Mint Green, Baby Blue, Light Blue, Medium Blue, Silver, Gray, Light Gray.  Please specify ink choice upon ordering.  Standard pricing does not include halftones, if you think your artwork requires halftones contact us first for advice on how to best prepare your artwork.

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