Here at No Problem Printing our name is our mission. Sure, we offer the highest quality graphic design and printed goods, but stopping there wouldn't be enough. We think ordering printing should be as simple as buying a pair of shoes. We've done all we can to simplify our products and not keep anything hidden. The prices you see are what they are ... shipping included. Here at No Problem Printing you are free to place your order any way you'd like. Who are we to tell you HOW to give us your business?! So use our online system, or send us over an email, call with questions or stop in the office if you're in the area. Products details, prices and turnaround times are all explained in each product's details. If you don't see the product you're looking for, please ask. And once you order something that wasn't on the site before, it'll likely be there when you come back. Below you'll find some technical information about our products, file specifications, etc. Again, if you don't see what you're looking for just contact us and we'll be happy to help you out.

Submitting files for print:

Files should be designed at full size, at a minimum of 300 DPI, and with 1/8˝ bleed.

RGB files are accepted, but all files will be converted to CMYK prior to printing, so if your color accuracy is important, you're going to want to submit in CMYK, having checked over your numbers so that you're confident the color you want is achieved.

If your file contains spot colors, overprinting, and any non-flat transparency effects, your files could print differently from what you're seeing on screen. We take much care in examining your files to catch anything before they print, however it's best to mind these recommendations to ensure your ultimate happiness.

We will accept any printable file format you can throw at us. JPG, TIFF, PDF, etc. are the most common. You may submit a file still native to its application if you're using any of the Adobe products, however we will need all linked files, fonts, etc. and you'll have to approve a PDF proof before we can send to print. We just want to make sure we print exactly what you want.

Submitting a graphic design order:

Some of our print products will display a flat fee for design on that product. If a price is not listed, we'll need to know a bit about your project so that we can quote your design charge. We'll give you a price, and let you know exactly what you're getting for that price, and we'll stick to it. You may supply us with logos, images, etc. and we'll definitely need to know what you want it to say! Got an idea of what you'd like it to look like? Have a favorite color you want to make sure is in there? It's your project, so don't be shy.

Turnaround time for graphic design will depend on the workload of our designers. It is always our goal to get you your proof as soon as possible. Once you place a design order we'll contact you and let you know what the timeline should be. If you have a specific deadline, we'd like to know that up front.

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